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Sun Bicycles Recumbent Riding Tips

There are some unique features to be aware of that will help you enjoy riding your bike. You may find it helpful to practice riding in an open area, such as a paved, empty parking lot or a traffic-free road. Before riding your bike, please carefully read this manual. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the mechanical operations.

  1. Relax the upper body.
  2. Do not pull on the handlebars or tense the shoulders as this leads to over-steering the bike.
  3. Ride with relaxed pressure on the handlebars.
  4. When starting to ride, be sure the bicycle is in a low gear.
  5. Get comfortable in the seat, and place both feet on the ground (see Seat Adjustment).
  6. Stabilize the bike by applying the brake, put one of your favorite feet on the pedal and back pedal until the crank is at the top in a vertical position.
  7. With firm pressure, push on the pedal; lift the other foot off the ground, as you release the brake and place the other foot on the other pedal.
  8. Pedal confidently and in an appropriate gear to propel yourself at a safe and reasonable speed.
  9. When riding on level ground or going downhill, lean back and relax.

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